5. Owner acknowledges that there will be no car rentals arising from a delay in the delivery/pickup or damage of a vehicle and Trucker/Agent shall not be liable for car rentals at any time whatsoever.

6. Owner acknowledges and agrees that the persons listed at the point of origin and the point of destination are appointed agents for the purpose of releasing vehicle, approving charges, accepting delivery and releasing Trucker/Agent from any and all claims upon acceptance of delivery. If the owner is unavailable or does not accept the shipment at a point of safe approach by trucker's road haul equipment to the destination address, the Trucker may place the shipment in a storage facility of its choice subject to a lien for all lawful charges. The liability on the part of the Trucker and Crew Towing, Inc. will cease when the shipment is unloaded into the warehouse or storage yard and the shipment shall be considered as having been delivered. Vehicles transported and covered by this agreement serve as collateral with a security interest position in favor of Crew Towing, Inc. until all charges are paid and monies cleared.

7. Owner acknowledges and agrees any and all charges as to date and type of vehicle must be made 20 days prior to transport. Should this order be canceled or charged within 24 hours of scheduled transport date a minimum of $ 100.00 and up to a maximum of the quoted transport charge shall be assessed.

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